Monday, May 4, 2009

A Toast to Cheers!

In anticipation of Mother's Day, Boston would like to extend a Salut to her mom, Cheers. The Cheers' litter had a theme, and I'm speculating you can guess what it is. Need a hint? Think of a pub... where everybody knows your name.

While visiting with, er..socializing, Boston at a friend's house we decided to have a beer. When Jody pulled this mug out of the freezer we couldn't resist the Kodak moment.

Of course, Boston being the gal she is she had to try to get a taste. The good parents we are, and the fact that she is under age, we didn't let her have any.

Check out Cheers Doggie Bloggie to get the full story on the litter. There's some great humor. Boston's birth name is Kelly (Kelly-Kelly-Kelly K-E-L-L-Y!). Although some days I think she was switched at birth with Carla.

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  1. Boston

    Did you forget about the little talk we had about the evils of alcohol?