Friday, May 8, 2009

Bath Night

Boston had a big night tonight so we wanted to make sure she was spankin' clean. She still fits in the kitchen sink if she has two feet in each tub. Boston behaved herself pretty well, but of course had to get a taste of the soap. How many adults does it take to give a 20# puppy a bath? Two.

We attended Helping Paws' Spring Graduation tonight, where two individuals received service dogs. What an exciting time that is. It was the first large group event for Boston and she did quite well. With all the activity I had to work harder to keep her attention on me. I also realized this was the first time Boston has heard applause. She was puzzled at the noise at first, but easily accepted it as the program went on.

I am leaving for Washington, DC in the morning and Boston is spending the time with a friend, Julie. Julie met us at graduation to pick up Boston. I felt like a mother giving a new babysitter instructions. I wrote out a list and also had to tell Julie everything I could think of. And then, of course, on the way home had to call Julie because I forgot something. I keep thinking of other things I forgot to tell her but am restraining myself from calling.

It's the first time away from home for Boston so will be interesting to hear how it went. In talking with Julie we realized I forgot to pack the boots.

Oops, sorry Julie.

Good luck.

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