Saturday, May 16, 2009

My First Sleepover

We have a guest blogger today. Julie Vanderheyden took care of Boston while I was out of town. I got to know Julie while training our first service dogs together, and we've become friends.

Boston tells of her visit to Julie's house, as translated by Julie:

Mom packed my bags and sent me on my first sleepover adventure while she traveled to Washington D.C. I got to go to Marley's house - he's a 4 year old black lab that has about as much energy as me! We had lots of fun wrestling, playing tug-of-war and chasing each other around the yard. I was a little scared to go down the steps at Marley's house, but now I am a pro at it. Marley has a lot of neighbor dog friends, so I got to meet all of them. One day we all chased each other around in the yard - it was like a mini dog park. One of my most favorite things to do at Marley's house is to run under the bed and hide. One day no one could find me and I think everyone got a little nervous until I wiggled out from underneath and then everyone was laughing and smiling again. I also had a lot of fun with the toilet paper rolls!

Marley's mom thinks I'm showing promising signs of being a service dog because I brought her lots of things that I found on the floor including shoes (but I never chewed them), baseball hats, pieces of clothing, the dish towel, etc. I also helped unload laundry from the dryer. And most importantly, I gave out lots of kisses and affection.

I really enjoyed my first sleepover at Marley's and hope I can go back there again sometime soon!

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