Wednesday, April 29, 2009

eau de bitter apple

Well I can't keep wearing the rubber boots in the house all the time, so we broke out the bitter apple . I have been spraying my pant legs and that seems to be a temporary deterrent for Boston. She's also trying to carry around pieces of furniture so we spray those too. Let's hope we have found the cure. It doesn't seem to have the same effect on humans as Richard keeps comin' around. That's a good thing.

Boston is growing every day. Definitely more active. Last night she was doing laps around the house - what we refer to as getting her "ya-ya's" out. She has a new trick (skill?) where she runs across the kitchen toward the water dish and goes into a home plate slide, swinging herself to land right in front of the dish for a drink. While it's been hard to get a picture of her in action, I do have a picture of a miscalculated maneuver.

She's also learning to count - to two, so far. Boston knows that when you take one shoe away from her there is another one exactly like it nearby.

Training is going well. Here is Boston doing a Recall. Tried to make it a cute "puppy running to me" kind of picture, but guess it's a good representation of her activity level.

Although she can have her quiet moments. Here's proof. She's actually chillin' with Sage!

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  1. Hey Boston, my name is Logan and I'm a Golden girl service dog. Since Logan airport is in Boston our names are sorta related! Good luck with your training and make sure you listen real good.