Friday, June 26, 2009

Class Outing After Party

I've been a bit remiss in timely posts to Boston's blog and am going to work on that.

Our class had an outing Monday night to do public training at the PetsMart in Richfield. This was our first outing and I think the training went well for everyone. It can be challenging working with your dog in a new environment. You almost have to take a step backwards in the expectation of what your dog is going to do. Seems like the mantra with every dog I've had is, "...but h/she does it [the skill] at home for me!!"

It's easy to get frustrated, but what the foster homes reminded each other after class is these puppies are so much better trained already than most pet dogs their age. We have all received comments and praise from individuals when we're out with our dogs on how well-behaved they are. Sometimes it's hard to see when you live with the dog every day, and you want so badly for them to be perfect. All of the foster homes in our class have been working so hard, and it shows.

Since we live about 5 miles from PetsMart we planned a play date after class. Even though it was a hot steamy night almost everyone came - Richard and I were thrilled! It was so much fun with eight of the ten golden pups running around the yard. Dempsey would have made it but he was on vacation. We filled the pool so the pups could cool off. It was a fun time for the foster homes to get to know each other better. It's hard to visit at class since we're all so focused on our dogs.

Here they are playing in the yard.

Rugby led the charge through the grasses. He was the ring leader in all that the puppies explored.

After everyone left I realized I didn't take pictures of any of the humans. Sorry everyone - next time!!

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