Wednesday, June 17, 2009

City Dog Visits the Farm

We attended a high school graduation party for our great-niece, Megan, last weekend at a hobby farm-type place in Andover called the Eveland Family Farm. It's really nice, with a shelter for the party and is a working farm with many animals and equipment.

What a perfect training opportunity for Boston! She socialized with a lot of people and did very well. Richard and I took her on a walk around the farm. Boston met many animals, and wasn't too concerned about any of them. The goats caught her interest the most, I think because they are the closest to her size. She gave the donkeys and pigs the smell-test. She smelled the pigs only once so was a difficult photo opp.

Below are pictures of Boston on the tractor, and with the many animals she made friends with that day.

Here's a picture of Megan and our great-nephews Aaron, Ty, and Alex. We have a tradition of taking their picture with each dog we have trained. It's been fun to watch them growing with each dog. Looks like Boston was getting pretty tired by then.

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