Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Boston's August Horoscope

I read my horoscope on a regular basis so it is only fitting that Boston follow hers. I like to watch for applications within our daily routines.

Aquarius Pets (January 20 - February 18)

The easygoing days of August have arrived, but expect some tense moments as well. As always, the key to keeping your pet happy is to act as if you've got it all under control. Fortunately, unnerving issues will be resolved around August 5th, once the third eclipse of the summer brings resolution. Once pets get through the pent-up feeling Mars and Saturn are sure to deliver between August 10 and 11, the rest of the month will be comparatively calm. Take time to enjoy being warm and moving slow, and your pet will follow.

Your Aquarius pet might not be the most romantic creature on four legs, but this month Venus in Leo will put Aquarius in the mood for love! Obviously, if your pet isn't spayed or neutered and you want them to be, make that trip to the vet before it's too late. But if you're into the breeding thing, this could be the perfect time to become a doting "grandparent." You'll also notice your pet will really be digging that time you spend with just the two of you. Venus in the House of One-on-One brings out Aquarius' affectionate side.

Sounds like we'd better call Eileen to schedule an appointment with the vet.

We'll see what tomorrow, August 5, brings. The comparatively calmness seems to be setting in already. Here's Boston doing her favorite thing ever. I just get a kick out of making little movies with my camera.

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